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    Re: Chara

    on the laundry list of things to get to or worry about were does Chara's -2 become the problem the bruins have to get to? im figuring it's somewere right after the desion of what type soft drinks the bruins should serve at bruins wife's carnival in February but I'm sure the it will be dealt with for sure!!! 

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    Re: Chara

    In response to Fletcher1's comment:

    In response to NeelyOrrBourque's comment:

    You have 2 of the best players on the planet that have been doing this to the best goaltenders & d-men on the planet for yrs. Chara is no exception to this rule. They're part of the best, because they have the ability to beat the best. I see no reason to be placing blame on Chara when this happens. The guy plays in every possible situation that the B's find themselves in during a game. He's going to have stretches where he's a - player. Let's see where he is at Christmas before we start saying he's off his game. Geezus; some people are over the top on this board sometimes! 

    This is my reaction too.  It's only a surprise if you think that Chara never gets beat.  

    I expect Chara to get beat sometimes.  And when Datsyuk and Zetterberg are able to steal the puck in the neutral zone and come in for a quick counter attack, I think that any defenseman in the league struggles to slow those two down.  This is what Datsyuk and Zetterberg do, game in, game out.  

    The notion that the Wings somehow strategized to play 'differently' against Chara, based on something they saw last June is ridiculous.  You think that if this happened last year Datsyuk curls back and starts the cycle instead of trying to score??  Of course not.

    Chara and Boychuk weren't in the best spots to defend given the turnover and quick counter attack, and they got beat by two of the best players in the world.  It happens.

    I see some things of concern in the Bruins so far, for sure (lack of speed is pretty glaring).  But Chara not being able to prevent Datsyuk from making a good pass, on one play, is not one of them.  And they're record is 3-2 after 5 games.

    For all of the imperfections you expect to see in the first 5 games, this isn't so bad.

    Bingo some one making sense thanks for your common sense

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    Re: Chara

    #1 - Hard to blame Bergeron for that turnover. The puck bounced as he tried to pass it, and the last guy in the world that you want behind you when there's a mishandled puck was right there. Just a crappy spot in the ice there.

    #2 - Chara forced him outside, and was playing the body strictly. He's seen how many times Datsyuk has split the D and gone straight in on goal, and he prevented that. The #1 rule I was taught as a defenseman growing up was that you always force the guy outside and force a pass. Never let the one guy beat you.

    #3 - Had that puck not somehow gotten under Boychuk, and had Smith not quit on the play because he though the same thing that I did ("How did that get through?"), we wouldn't even be talking about this play.

    #4 - Datsyuk.

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    Re: Chara

    Chara is still one of the top D=men in any league, so not the problem. Lack of speed is right on, which is why the three young defensemen are important, and need to play to get their experience level increased. Same on Rielly Smith who is playing very well and continuing to learn. The problem is some of Claude's decisions, like keeping Thornton in every lineup. Maybe, now that Thorny has played 500 games, Claude will replace him to make the 4th line even better. Also the switch of Marchand isn't showing any improvement to scoring.