In Response to Re: Charges dropped!!!!!:
In Response to Re: Charges dropped!!!!! : BuIIshit. There was a news story. Making observations and bringing to light the possible consequences of that news story if true is no reason for shame. Get your homer glasses off, NAS. This is the outcome. Great. But bringing to light other possible outcomes is no reason for shame. Get a grip. There are at least 50 outcomes to almost any story. To, without judgment, highlight a few of those most plausible and possible outcomes, is no reason for shame. I feel absolutely none, and I'm glad this has been settled. But get off your high horse and stop pretending like I was doing anything other than passing along worst case scenario facts . A fact is a a fact. BTW, I got that fact not from the media, but through curiousity I took the time to read Mass. Commonwealth law. Curiousity. That's not a sin, unless you're a cat.
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Well said Red. I'm glad this case was resolved but I remain steadfast in my opinion that Mibury is a tool.