Cheap goalies

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    Re: Cheap goalies

    If it isn't dead yet, it's terminal.  The kicker though, will probably be the playoffs.  What seemed to really drive the "discount goalie" point home, was Philly's playoff run.  
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    Re: Cheap goalies

    But BB,
    you just named nearly every scenario that suggested, and supports the idea that Thomas, after winning the vezina should have been allowed to walk away to save the team money, and allow the bruins to go with an Untested Rask, and a steller back up in Auld...
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    Re: Cheap goalies

    Ken Holland will not be able to stay with his current mindset that he will not pay Jimmy Howard too much or he will walk. Doug Wilson n Stevie Y did gamble with so so goaltenders and lost even if they do get into the playoffs not going to last long.

    Correct goalies paychecks will go back up Rask will get a chunk of change as will Jimmy Howard's once Holland doesn't have RFA rights. Bet you Chiarelli is getting calls inquiring about Thomas GM due diligence.