Chris Kelly

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    Let me add - Kelly's playing out of his head right now.  He and Peverley work together, and you can't buy chemistry.  But let's not forget the number of times Kelly came in on a two on one, holding the puck, and basically skated into the corner with it last year.  He's not a gifted offensive player.  He's a smart hockey player who is, right now, seeing the puck go in the net because of smart plays.  Love that he isn't afraid to shoot, follow the shot, and jam away at rebounds.  Ultimately, though?  What the Bruins are getting from him is value above his contract.  I think his current deal is pretty fair for what his role is.  He's outperforming it right now, but that wil average out over time.  If he wants to pay off the mortgage with his next contract, my hat's off to him.  If he wants to play in Boston for $2.5 or less, where can I get a #23 jersey?
    Posted by Bookboy007 has those 23s. I ordered one myself and it's the sharpest in my collection.
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    Re: Chris Kelly

    His 2nd goal on Sat was a thing of beauty with Pev and Poiliot. It was like the puck was on a string between the 3 of them. I had to check twice if that was indeed 67 who threw the puck across the ice to Chris before he buried it.

    I would like to see him signed by seasons end also.