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Cj and his wins

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    Cj and his wins

    Just when you cannot take anymore of clod's immovable clodlike coaching, things change.

    It is despicable to pick apart a winning coach, because how do you do it, he won.

    So, what then has he changed.

    He has brought back 4 lines that press with talent despite Thorn in the lineup.
    Tell me Camp is not happy to have March back. Seg is playing on possibly the fastest line in the league(too bad Kelly is no more talented than Pail with his hands tho). Berg line is playing well despite not scoring and even the Ryder haters had to see his backchecks all night long despite his not scoring. The Luc line is an actual #1 line in the league now with all 3 in the top 90. We have a 30 goal scorer. An east leading +48 differential (2nd in league), 2nd in the East in goals scored (6th in league), 1st in East in goals allowed and 2nd overall in the league.

    Watching the game last night, what shocked the he!! out of me was that, the D did not fold away, they played the player very often outside the blue line. This took away a lot of possible 3 on 2's, scoring chances and just plain any shots. The B's went from their 40 plus shots that TT had been facing and gave up a mere 24 in the game. The forwards helped the D, by bringing back pressure and forcing the habnot fwds right into the D.  Not sure if this is a change instigated by clod, but it is one that has been amiss and irked the bejeesus out of me forever.

    The PP scored a mere goal on 6 attempts, but more importantly they looked good, especially the 2nd unit with Seg getting a real good look.  The PK killed off 5 while scoring a 3 on 5 SHG, wowser.

    Kaberle scored, Chara had 3 assists, Boych G and an assist, McQ scored, Camp had 2 G, Hort had 2---guys that have not been as big as they need to be came up very big indeed.

    I hope clod continues the pressure he used tonight, especially by the D, we did not play half the night behind our net with the D, passing it back and forth until they lost it, more oft than not they moved it out quick.  Our so-called plodding clydesdales, were fast skating talented players that came to play and dominated the so-called faster talented habnots.

    It is hard to tell when winning if he is coaching well, because you can throw anyone out there in a 7-0 romp, even Thorn.

    Cj continues to tease with his play of the players, I hope it is more of this than that.  If he can adjust in the playoffs and I mean shift to shift and not just game to game or his series to series, then we stand a good chance of being the team to beat.

    We will see what he brings, this thinking mobile clod, or the Whitfield clod that will lose yet another game 7.

    I hope that clod can pull it off despite him being a clod.
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    Re: Cj and his wins

    It does appear that Claude has decided to change some of his decisions. We can only speculate on what has caused the change, and hope it continues. Maybe he now sees how detrimental Ryder is; how fumbling Thornton is; how impressive Kelly's line can be with Seguin and Peverly; How even Bergeron needs competent wingers; and maybe, just maybe, he'll let Kamfer out of the dog house to add his speed and puck movement, particularly since Ference is obviously still hurting, and/or Boychuck needs to be reminded not to ice the puck on every shift.