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CJ, PC, and Cam

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    CJ, PC, and Cam

    Those who have read my posts for a while know that I think PC is the best GM in professional sport. I like CJ and I like Cam too, watching this team now, I realize that they compliment each other in a way that you rarely find in sport. The key to this is I think they all have a talent for recognizing one trait in a player, and they all value that trait above all else. That is, character. Top to bottom, this roster has character. The things that spending money doesn't guarantee you. Your top two offensive players, Bergeron and Krejci have all the character in the world. Bergeron plays every shift like it's his last, and Krejci loves the bright lights. You can question Marchand's character because he's a bit of a punk, but the kid always works as hard as he can, and earns everything he gets. Then you get to the number 2 overall draft pick. The guy who has been told he's the next great thing his entire life, if any one was going to lack character it would be him, and maybe with a different organization, that would be the case. Not here, he's been an animal lately, and although he's not scoring he's taking the other aspects of the game very seriously. He wins battles, he skates just as hard towards his own net as he does the opponents net. This is good to see. I don't think it should come as a surprise that basically every player to come up in the bruins system has a fantastic work ethic on the ice. Keep the core, including the front office, together for the next decade. 

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    Re: CJ, PC, and Cam

    Im impressed with Seguin....His lack of scoring has made him excel in other areas, that we never saw....He'll never be the best body checker, but he sure has been throwing his body around and mixing it up and hustling. The little things that seem to get lost when you are scoring. He is contributing big time in other areas, that we didnt see from him before. He has had some important assists too. Im happy with both his and Jagr's play. They are hustling and making important plays with and without the puck.

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    CJ, PC, and Cam

    I agree that the Bruins have a great deal of character up and down the line-up and you either become part of that cohesive unit or you don't stay ala Phil Kessel.

    I think Seguin has bought into the team concept and expectations.  I also think he has played well and was getting a bit of a bad rap about not scoring.  That comes with the territory however when you have his skill level and there are also high expectations when you are a high draft pick and have shown some ability to put the puck in the net.  I think he has played well most of the play-offs playing well defensively and battling for pucks but I do think he has gotten to the dirty areas a little more in the last couple of games.  He has had 2 big assists and has been involved in the last 4 Boston goals so he has taken a bit of the monkey off his back.  I still hope he has a big goal or two in him over the next few games.  How about a late game or ot winner to clinch the series in game 6 in Boston and bringing the house down (game 5 would be good with me too in order to save my heart a little stress)?


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    Re: CJ, PC, and Cam

    Krejci said it best:  "We play as a team".  That's really all you can ask.  As long as they do that, and win more than they lose, most everyone should be around for a while.

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    Re: CJ, PC, and Cam

    As much as I think Kessel is a really good hockey player, he was never going to buy into CJ, PC, Cam and the Bruins. I think that is why they got rid of him. Just guessing.

    Very happy to have the likes of PC & Cam and CJ as Bruins. It has to be a hard job to get talent, personalities working on the same page. Good on them.