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cj's system

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    Re: cj's system

    i totally is bruin style hockey-they have all the talent they need to win in this system. they need better effort at home, that's about it. 12-5 on the road is pretty damn good...home is the issue.  can't stand hearing they need a kovalchuk or ovechkin type player- how many cups they got?? i'd rather have a team that buys into a system...we are about 75-80% there, and still in first place by 3 pts with 2 games in hand. people need to chill out, and root FOR the bruins  and stop the chicken little(the sky is falling) ranting 
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    Re: cj's system

    That lunch pail hockey that the Bruins have used over the years hasn't worked all that well. The last time they were offense first, were the days when they were winning Cups. They had hockey's best offense back then (Orr, Espo, Bucyk, etc).

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    Re: cj's system

    The bruins are ranked 1st in shots against per game at 33.4, how do you figure thats defense 1st lol. thank god there ranked 1st in goals against or they would be having two top five picks this year.
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    Re: cj's system

    Team is good, better than in a while, but 39 years gives that sky is falling attitude. Cj beat Mon and I will be thankful for that but he better get us past the 2nd round.

    Getting tired of we had a great year we will get them next year attitude as well.

    Last year was fun especially after all the injuries devestated the team when it looked like it was going to challenge for the cup the year before, but we still exited premature, maybe Cj needs some hockey viagra.

    This team is developed with an addition to the top line and it will make a difference to the playoffs. We have a lot of hope and excitement in the minors with another eye on a top pick from TO.  The team can score(better) and shut down, it is just putting the string together in the playoffs.

    Cj is adapting and adjusting in games like he has never done before, maybe he is learning.  When he adjusts Rec time to a pace better suited his speed like he has started with the 4th I will be happier.  I don't want Rec on Bench, but divvy up his PP and PK time to the youth or others, especially during season so they can be set for the Playoffs.

    Cj's job should depend on the season, another 2nd round 7th game loss or even a 10 game winless streak is not acceptable with this team, now or ever.
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    Re: cj's system

      "Cj is adapting and adjusting in games like he has never done before."

    And this No4 will keep Julien from getting himself in trouble. Saying no to Lou got him canned, saying yes to Chiarelli's advice will keep Claude around.