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Claude Giroux

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    Re: Claude Giroux

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    I don't really care about the all-star game or the Flyers (at all actually) but as a hockey fan I am a little flabbergasted that Giroux was the only Flyer that got selected. As a hockey fan you have to see that a handful of guys on that team could have been selected. Richards, Timmonen, Briere, Carle, and Carter could all have made it. I am surprised none of them did.
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    Giroux is a great player for sure...what I find interesting though, is Kessel was voted in, and I just seen a poll on Sportsnet Ontario they had going on during the Leafs / Sharks game . It seems Leaf fans thought Grabovski deserved to be there ahead of Kessel. Anyways there are always going to be guys left off, but on Philly I would have thought Briere would have made it , but....Oh well
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    Re: Claude Giroux

    Tweet from Darren Dreger:

    I'm sure Zetterberg or the Red Wings asked the NHL to excuse the star from the ASG for health reasons. Same applies to missing Flyers.