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    Montreal went further in the playoff than Boston has, so a player played well on their roster (Halak), so when players stand on their head the coach doesnt get credit for that now just when players dont perform?  Two years ago the B's played above their heads, Thomas inparticular, should Julien not have won coach of the year cause one of his players played well....doesnt make sense.

    Sorry on Julien w/ the Devils, I think I might be confusing him w/ Robinson and/or someone else & Robinson took over, but they won the cup that year....regardless they were a top team in the league & they let him go, there has to be a reason for teams letting him go so easily.

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    duinne, Chowdah - that has never really flown with me.  In essence, it says observation from available data doesn't matter because we don't really know. Our information is forever incomplete.  Etc. Etc.  Yeah I'm relying in part on what CJ says to the media, but I'm also relying on reports and observations from practice, from games, from the history of the players in question when they were playing for other coaches, and significantly from watching games and comparing what I see to years and years of watching hockey and teams playing for coaches with years of service with multiple teams.  And even then, you'll notice in my post I specify a couple of things in acknowledgement that yes, I realize I am working from incomplete evidence. 

    One, Julien doesn't take responsibility for aggression, meaning precisely that he never discusses it publicly and he certainly never seems to hold players accountable for it with benchings, lineup changes, bag skates or hard practices full of spirited battle drills.  Actually, I've read reports of that last option, but they're rare.  When was the last time you read that players almost fought at a Bruin practice?  That's the kind of performance indicator I'd flag and know it was tied to a coach driving the intensity of a practice up.

    Two, I would love to know how Claude holds players accountable for their level of aggression because I do not see any consequences for a lack of vigor.  Maybe he does, behind closed doors, but I see neither effort nor results, so whatever he's doing doesn't seem to be working - meaning we're back to #1 and who is supposed to be responsible for those results?

    Call me a natural scientist on this - I'm working from observation, classification, and inference.  If it's good enough for medicine, I think it'll fly here.

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    Bookboy -- you want players to fight at practice? Seriously? ::jaw drops::

    For the record, I've seen fights at practices, and it usually means players are frustrated and irritated at each other, not that they're being aggressive.

    Seriously, you're way off base here. I watch the Bruins and I see a hard-hitting, aggressive club. It's not something Julien's harping on because, frankly, it should go without saying that the vast majority of NHL players are aggressive. He might as well harp on them to breathe.

    I'm scratching my head here, really. I don't get it.

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    and soon!!
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    Scanned this thread up and down and am convinced that there are numerous intelligent life forms out there making reasonably good observations,comments and suggestions for how to improve this team. To boils down to one thing.. Lose Claude ASAP before you lose all the players..  He is a bad fit for this group.. cut them free already by cutting Claude free..  I must admit that I would want someone like Mad Mike Milbury to fire this club up... good, bad or indifferent.. I like wait.. I love his intensity... I am sick watching these guys feeling like Claude is holding them back.. I don't care if Lucic is the team leader in goals.. I want him to mix it up more.. get more involved physically... can't watch Blake the human turnstyle skate around 'trying' to be physical every now and then.. it isn't in him.It's Time Cam earns his paycheck...  take a stand.. grow a pair.. do it !  The phone lines are now open...
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    How good an idea is it to start your 4th line each and every night?  That's what I call "predicatable".  Is it a good idea to be predictable?

    Marchand goes on a dangle and this time he gets PASTED.  Last time I believe he gave it up for a goal going the other way.  Sure seems like a rookie mistake to me, I wonder what could be done about that?
    The retaliation on that dangle that got croaked resulted in a penalty by Campbell that led to another goal.
    It is really typical that rookies get destroyed by a hit, interesting that it hasn't happened to Seguin yet.