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    I have come to the conclusion that Julien has to go.


    lost game 7 at home 2 years ago.
    lost a 3-0 series lead and a 3-0 game lead in game 7 at home
    lose to Montreal 3-2  in the last 2 and a half minutes
    had your 4th line on the ice in the last minute
    A PP unit that couldn't score a goal if it was 5 on 0.
    plays a system that doesn't lend itself to the players he has
    Is totally misusing Segiun. They want a player that can score with some regularity and they have one but he gets 8-10 minutes/game. Why did Crosby get 100 pts in his first year because the Penguins played him. Segiun is no Crosby but he has alot of offensive talent.
    When was the last time Boston won a game by more than a goal. It's because Julien has them in retreat mode all the time.
    too many players with no guts/heart. Chairelli has to get rid of the "soft" players he has and get some players that will go through the wall. That is on him. 
    I'm sure every team in the league loves playing Boston because when you pressure them and taunt them they fold. 
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    Re: Coach

    Did you not see the Thread started a few hrs ago to go with 35 other "Fire the coach" threads.