Coaching question

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    Re: Coaching question

    To be fair, when an employee under contract is fired, while he is entitled to the amount agreed to in the contract, he has a duty to mitigate the loss to his former employer. Sullivan and Lewis being under contract to other teams, they are only owed the difference between the amount agreed to in their contract and the amount being paid to them by their current employer.

    To answer your question, I have no idea.
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    Coaching question

    QUestion about the coach  would be  more like it. Watch the game, What the  hell is the 4th line doing on the ice at the last minute. I  freekin know they are tire  for the  stupid  penalty behind the  habs  net  but  Julinne  should have never place his  team under that situation, Bad jugement cost the game, Gratz to  Ryder for  his stupid and lazy  penalty as well. He got  us in this  form the get go, then Jullienne followed suite