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Coach's Strategy & Questions

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    Coach's Strategy & Questions

    1) This defense trap system is great against teams you think are better than you but why do it against lesser teams like the LEafs?  The best way to beat the leafs is by forechecking and making their defense make mistakes which they will.  See third period of Saturdays game.

    2) Line match ups are good against a Crosby, Stamkos, etc... but why on Chara on Kessel?  He's not even the Leafs best forward.  All this does is disrupt the flow and also takes Chara off his game.

    3)  Fixing our scoring slump.  Some of the guy's hands have turned to stone... Why not pick a game here and there to take the reins off the team and let them play a wide open hockey.  Maybe we will lose but it will allow us the chance to pop in 3 or more goals and help get some confidence back in the offense.

    I think the guys are bored of the monotomy of playing the same every night and there is no reason why a coach can't change it up for them.


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    Re: Coach's Strategy & Questions

    B's have beaten the Leafs something like 8 straight times before this loss.  I think their game plan against them works. 

    I'm with you on #3 to a degree; I do think they could use a game to play loose as it seems as though they are pressing; however, not at the expense of Julien's system.  Despite the slump, they are in my mind the toughest team to beat in the NHL because of their structure.  Teams that do not play with this kind of consistent discipline are like the current Edmonton Oilers and very erratic.

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    Re: Coach's Strategy & Questions

    The Coach's strategy has helped with the current record, but the problem is that we are missing the " Bruins" hard hitting commitment. It seems like the refs, at times, have taken the Bruins game away, and a number of players are hesitant. At the same time, other teams are being " Bruins-like" aggressive, and forcing the play into the bruins end with speed and hard hitting. Claude is shuffling the lines for tonight's game, so let's see what happens