Okay, so they lost the first game (a shutout is particularly not good), that being said, they will come back.

It is obvious that Montreal will be taking cheap, discrete, potshots at the Bruins whenever they can (and the refs are not looking).  THIS IS NO SURPRISE, they have done this for years.  The problem is, it still seems to effect Boston. 

My comment is, if they do that, take an instigator penalty and punish them physically AND DO NOT STOP.  PUNISH THEM EVERY SINGLE TIME, do not worry about penalties.  Yes, of course, that means more "penalties", but hey, try something else because what was being tried last night (and for the past 40 years) is not going to cut it.

It is simple sports psychology, do what the opponent does not expect.  FIGHT!!  NO other team is doing it, and it will surprise the Habs and rattle them for the rest of the series (then bye bye :).

Of course, the refs will call more penalties, but who cares, no one has gone into the playoffs with a fighting mentality in years, and with the physical abilities of this team, matched with the overall skill (to make up for instigator/roughing/boarding/intereference penalties), DO IT AND DONT STOP!!

Plus, as a fan of this team, it would at the very least give me some pride as a Bruins fan.

Some of you will bash this mentality, but whatever, the Bruins have been blowing it for long enough and it is time to try something completely new!

McQuaid needs to pummell someone.  Love that guy.

That's my piece.