Competent Powerplay?

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    Competent Powerplay?

    B's are actually 12th in the NHL on the powerplay. We said all last year how much a competent (but not necessarily great) powerplay would set the B's apart from the pack.
    Also considering that they're the only team in the league to not allow a shorty....that's always nice.
    I haven't been able to watch the games; are they actually better or are they simply getting lucky bounces? I know that they couldn't even get set up in the zone last year, much less get a legitimate scoring chance.
    Hoping that they can only get better from here.
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    Re: Competent Powerplay?

    in all honesty, there is no way they could have been WORSE than last year. that number pretty accurately describes where they are. they are middle of the pack when it comes to the PP. tons more zone time this year compared to last. they're entering the offensive zone much cleaner, and are set up for a majority of the PP time. the PP killed momentum last year, it was brutal to watch. this year that hasn't been the case at all. as a matter of fact, there has been a few instances where they scored just seconds after PP time ran out, essentially a PP goal. so their numbers could be a little better in actuality. last year i'd walk the dog during PP's, it was so hard to watch. i'll wait until period breaks this year. whereas the best PP teams are setting up one timers down low, the b's fire from the point, and hop on the rebounds getting those signature "dirty" bruin-like goals. that may be just a product of how the team is built. more grit than high end skill. hey it won them a cup, somethings working.