concussions holding b's back?

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    Re: concussions holding b's back?

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    ever stop to think that the reason that the 4th line has been so good is it's committment to a physical game, by all three guys? each of the top 3 centers  have suffered serious concussions and play like they are scared to get hit/give a hit(savvy,bergy,krej). can there be something to this? it's hard to have that physical committment when only 2/3 's of each line can bring it. these lines are easier to play against because of this 
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    Can't you just wait for a reply in the Bergeron thread?You've just said the same thing over again.
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    Re: concussions holding b's back?

    Hockey is a game of physicality and hockey talent.

    Not all players have both.  A few topstars have had this nonphysicallity and their careers did not suffer for it.

    Can you imagine Grets, Francis, Lemieux, Ratelle, Kurri, among many others that never played a physical game to have tried, their successes would have been changed forever had they played a different game.

    Not all B's need to be physical, some players are that type and some aren't. The B's have chosen to go with talent on centre and tried to go with size on wings. The problem is the wings are not using their speed and size to forcheck and FINISH THEIR CHECKS.

    These lines would not be easy at all to play against if the B's were playing their game, finishing their checks and taking the puck to the net.

    Instead the game plan is skate it to the blue line on PP and lose it and chase it back down the ice, on even strength they skate it to the blue line and head back for a line change or 1 guy forechecks while the others all change.