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    Congrats to all the athletes who participated in the 2014 Olypmics, win or lose it was a great show. I myself love the hockey and curling and to see both the mens and womens canadian teams  take the gold in both categories makes me very proud.

    A special congrats to Bergeron, Rask and Ericksson for there medals along with CJ and PC.

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    Re: Congrats

    I agree, although the winter/summer Olympics is always a bore imo.  Hockey:  this year the USA made a good effort up until the game with Canada.  The Canada team was stacked.  Sweden did very well, Loui was not a third liner!  He is a postional player.  Bergeron and Crosby together helped Kunitz.  Bergy is an amazing player.  Last, Tuukka was exceptional.  If he had played against Sweden I do believe the Finns would have faced Canada.  Canada probalby would have won with Weber and Price, but a goalie can steal a game.  Tuuka can do that at times.  Now back to NHL hockey!  Yippee.