Corey Perry signed

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    Re: Corey Perry signed

    In response to kelvana33's comment:

    Nobody is going to trade for Bryzgalov, but I'd be shocked if they bought him out. Also, whose to say Hiller would be any better there? What, has Hiller done?

    I think Hiller has been very good until this year, so far.  He played an unprecedented 70-something games last year (too lazy to look it up...) and played really well.  He seems like he's always got a good save % and Anaheim has been awful on the backend in recent years.

    I mean, who knows, he might tank in Philly too (all goalies do).  But I wouldn't blame them for looking longingly at anyone who can pitch a .915 save % about now...

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    Re: Corey Perry signed

    I don't know if they closed the loophole, but I could see Philly choosing to buy Bryz out, then re-sign him at a top up number of 40% of what he's making now.  In Cap terms, they could have Hiller and Bryz for what they currently pay Bryz.

    If it wasn't for the Amnesty buyout, I don't think they'd make the move, but they might look at this year and think this is their one chance to get out from under with no Cap implications.  And Snyder's the one owner who might just eat it.  SanDog, I agree, that D is awful, but Bryzgalov has also been terrible.  There's nowhere to hide from blame in Philly.