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    In Response to Re: Crazy Idea : The fans won't give a good sweet damn about Patrice if they win.  If you get a chance to bring in that kind of talent, for a small price, and I see Bergeron as a small price, then you do it. I want to WIN NOW. This team ain't good enough as is.
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    Your credibility is going out the window fast.You still haven't explained how Richards is twice as good as Bergeron(which he'd have to be for this deal to make sense).Why did Tampa let him go to begin with?In this salary cap era there are way too many things to consider beyond who you would like to have on the I said,I like Richards,but not at the expense of ruining the nucleus of a team that we have yet to see at full health.If they look bad( they are already better than some fans are realizing)after Savard and Sturm return then I'd consider drastic moves.As of now I hope PC won't have a knee-jerk reaction to a couple of bad games.
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    Re: Crazy Idea

    So, you wouldn't want to replace a projected 55pt guy with a projected 95pt guy, who previously won a Conn Smythe Trophy, for the playoff MVP. No. That wouldn't make any sense at all. 

    Exactly what have the Bruins won with Bergeron? 

    I'm not saying this is an easy deal to make, or that there are not problems getting it done, but if it can be done, IMHO, you have to do it. This isn't a knock against PB. I'm not his biggest fan, but he's a good to decent player. Is that good enough to win the Cup. I say no. 

    I want to WIN NOW. I'm 51, and I do remember the last Cup win against the Rangers. Bearly. (notice the play on words there - Bearly - as in Bruins)