David Krejci

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    Re: David Krejci

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    Part of their struggles were a result of Krejci not showing up for long stretches.


    This is what concerns me the most. Some of the blame, not all, has to go to his linemates and some goes to Krejci. I don't think that is unfair.


    I think you're spot on San. It was as if they all took turns playing well and now they're finally on the same page. DK himself even credited Horton with being the guy who made the key play that led to the Bruins 3rd and 4th goals. DK is playing fantastic but much of that is a direct result of his wingers dominating along the wall and creating space for him to operate.


    I loved how Krejci pointed out that Horton made the play (and took the hit) to set up the OT goal.

    I also loved Carlyle's prespective on it, as he pointed out rather clearly that the D-man pinching to throw a hit cost them the game-winning 2-on-1 breakout.  Can it get any worse for Phaneuf?

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    Re: David Krejci

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    I concur.  Sure makes me appreciate a guy like Iginla who had nothing to play with and still would dominate. 

    WHO?? Do you mean the guy who thinks he's so important that he can go back on his word at the last second & make the call of what a franchise gets to replace him? In the process making  his GM & front office team look like bigger IDIOTS than they already looked? That Iginla? I loved that guy, but I lost all respect for him after what he pulled. Not because he ditched the Bruins. I think the guy had every right to say where he wanted to go. However, he never should've said 4 teams. He should've said ONE!!


    Get over it.  Do you hate morrow as well?   Iginla wanted to go to the best situation for him.  If pitt hadnt come in late he would be playing in boston.  

    I love the player he is and his career is easy hall worthy.  How many guys can do it like he can, for as long with minimal support.  Simply amazing. 



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    Re: David Krejci

    The Toronto corners are like Rapesville!