Dear Clod...

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    Dear Clod...

    I'm sorry for getting so frustrated with you at times over the past few seasons.  Even when you have driven me crazy, I was wrong, your defense, tender, and coaching have made this team play like a cup champ, whether it happens or not. 

    This has been such an amazing run, and it's time I took my medicine on this subject.  Claude, great work! 
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    Re: Dear Clod...

    I refuse to give him full credit until they win the cup. Yea he has shut me up with dressing thorton what a great move that has turned out to be. Was dead wrong on that. I also like the fact the bruins the last 2 games haven't just sat back when they get a one goal lead. I think had he used Seguin better he would have developed much better this season. When he played him with 4th liners how is that really helping him its more like retarding or wasting his talent.