For those of you who aren't aware, making death threats is against the law and many of us aren't afraid to bring the culprits to justice.

I got my first threatening comment today, posted on my blog from an IP in Montreal. It was a literal death threat and it was reported to the ISP, Bell, and will subsequently be reported to law enforcement. This is the modus operandi. You can't let people get away with making death threats. Not in this day and age. People get killed by the dozens in schools. I don't even feel safe in the classroom and I'm not going to stand for incitements of violence on my blog.

There are innumerable ways to find the location of a blogger, given the common tool of geotagging, which essentially exists everywhere in the social media world now. Everyone's logging your location. That's a bad thing for privacy, especially when you're getting death threats. But at least it works both ways: Leave a threatening message on my blog and know that your own location is transparent. Does tha majority of the population simply not know this? Shocking.

When people know there are consequences to their threats, most of them will stop doing it. The ones who are left over (who continue to make threats) are the real wackos we need to look out for. They're the ones that the cops will actually visit if anything happens to the victim of the threats. So you need to be reporting verbal and written threats. It only takes a moment to bring the e-mail or comment to the attention of an ISP. They are required by law to act on such matters.

The situation isn't funny. Hockey is a sport (while it lasts), Pax isn't the first to have been hurt in this way, many have been hurt in more violent circumstances, and  As Justin Doy said: "We never hoped Cooke's kids were mauled by lions. We never hoped Sidney Crosby's career was over when he got hit. We never hoped Dan Bylsma got AIDS because he coaches Matt Cooke." (DaysOfOrr Great Article)

Keep it on the ice, fight if you must, but get your threatening messages out of my face because people have been prosecuted for much less.

And finally, to the rest of you, report threats because when you don't, they become common place and we're no longer a society of civilized people.