In response to ThatHockeyGuy's comment:

It is my belief that Horton will be resigned. Free agency this year is very weak, and the B's don't have anyone else capable of filling a first line winger position. It is also likely that he would take a minimal pay raise, if any.

That leaves about $6.5 million in cap after the removal of Savard's money.

Tuukka will earn between $5-6 million.

That leaves about $1 million in cap.

This is where the trade or buyout of Peverley comes into play. Ideally, you would want to trade him for a draft pick or prospect. That way all of his money comes off the books and you can promote either Knight or Spooner. If they buy him out, it will result in a $1 million cap hit. Not ideal, but still an option.

That leaves us with about $3-4 million in cap room.

Now you can sign a backup goaltender (most likely Khudobin) or recall Svedberg. Both situations would result in about a $1 million cap hit, if that. 

Lastly, a defenseman would need to be added. This would come in the form of Krug or Bartkowski. Adding Krug would leave the B's with less than $1 million in cap room. Not ideal. Adding Bartknowski would leave the B's with a comfortable margin, but they wouldn't be able to keep Krug in Boston, even though he has more than earned a spot there.

This is where another possible trade comes into play (or an add-on to the previous trade). My belief is that McQuaid would be the odd man out in that situation, seeing that it can be argued that both Bartkowski and Krug could both outperform him.

The resulting lineup would look something like this:













When have PC and CJ ever not carried a 13th forward and 7th d in the lineup (at least).

Say he has both Knight and Spooner up, and that he keeps McQuaid and they figure out at camp who is sixth and who is seventh - there's no way this club tries to carry just 6 D - , with Rask getting six million, and Svedberg in instead of Khudobin. The cap hit is $62.29 million.


That leaves 2 million in cap space - not bad, and useful for call-ups and potential trade room.