In response to WalkTheLine's comment:

Their breakout has been anywhere from so-so to horrible. Too many bad passes, too many turnovers, too many bad decisions. Some of this is on the forwards for not getting open or for not accepting the pass cleanly. They haven't been able to move out of their own end with a quick, clean transition often enough. Better last night but they played poorly too often when Ottawa had the puck in the Boston end. So to me, I think a D-man that can help the team break out of their own end and transition to offence is the bigger need. I think they can tighten up in their own end with what they have. Boyle remains my first choice.

I agree.  Looked like the B's were up against a world all star squad, not the Sens, especially in the 3rd.  Another player with some offense, and a responsible, and that would be about as good as it can get.

Personally though, I find it comforting to watch games like last night, and know this team can play so much better, even with the staff they have.

Just a funk, and now is the time of year to start coming out of it.  Pittsburgh and Montreal are due to start theirs, any day now.