Demons in the closet!!!!!!!!!!

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    Demons in the closet!!!!!!!!!!

    I do not know about the other posters, but I am not surprise the 3B's and Habs meet once again in post season. Just be happy that we are in the play-offs. It seems Boston always has nemesis Red Sox and Yankees, Celtics and Lakers.

    This is the time when I despise the Habs the dreaded play-offs. Yes they do have our number but that was then this is now. This will be the Bruins biggest play-off series in a while. My simple prediction is that Bruins win this series the Spokes will be Stanley Cup bound. This is time for us the fans and the team to let go of the past play-offs chokes and stay confident that we are a better team this year then last. CJ knows this is his shining to coach the best series of his coaching career, or it is a curtain call without the encore for Mr. Julien.

    No Seguin but Ryder will he show up to play his heart out "Yes"

    Will Thomas be the man with out the hiccups "Yes"

    My predictions for MVP player in this series goes to Peverly.

    In final having Seguin being there is a positive note and the Sheriff to jump into a d spot just in case is also a good depth move.

    OK Bruins do it for Fans this year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Demons in the closet!!!!!!!!!!

    exorcise the demons!!!! oh wait the bruins DID SWEEP THE HABS last playoff meeting! 
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    Re: Demons in the closet!!!!!!!!!!

    No demons this year except for those in Claude's decision process. Ryder is playing for next year's paycheck;Hopefully the D does not get injured as Hnidy[ even tho we love him] is slower than REX. Thornton's last few games were better than during the season, but, his limited skill set will be exposed in the playoffs. Boychuck's wrap-around the boards is not good hockey, especially in the playoffs. Puck retention and puck control will be key elements that must be observed. If REX fumbles , as he did during the season, that will hurt. Kaberle's instinctive play is not in tune with Claude's "system", but his passing skills usually make up for any confusion. This Bruins team is a good team, but it may well be "hold your breath" time in spades.
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    Re: Demons in the closet!!!!!!!!!!

    I truly believe we will take the series but it may go 6 or 7.

    However, my concern is that they seem to deflate immediately after beating the F'in habs. Sorta seems like right after they play them, if they don't have the same intensity, them come out flat. I don't want to look past them because I truly will enjoy it but I am concerned for the 2nd round....

    But i guess we should focus on getting there, right?