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    Development camp report from Monday 7/2

    No Koko, no Benning.  Surprised to see several Koko jersies in the crowd.

    And a crowd it was.  The stands were loaded.  I think some of you bums were there this weekend and have been holding out.

    Shocker.  Tommy Cross.  Wow.  All the times I've seen him before he seemed slow, doofy and unaggressive.  Well, he's still slow, the skills are much sharper and biggest change is that he's much more aggressive.  Actually, he is now aggressive and a bit too much at times.  I believe he charged a couple of people.  I am impressed, he wouldn't even be playing in the AHL if he didn't get aggressive and now he's a bona fide AHL defenseman.

    More shockers, Krug and Grzelchyk are small!  Who knew?!  (sarcasm for those who need things spelled out).  Actually, Krug looks like he shrunk since I saw him suit up against the Penguins.  It's too bad, these kids got game for sure, but they have a tendency to bounce off the big guys.  Seeing Hamilton and Krug standing together it's like Gionta standing next to Chara.

    Hamilton looked good, but not as good as the last time I saw him.  I think that's because the quality of campers seems to be up.

    After the game ended they had a shoot out that everyone participated in, Cross, Knight, Spooner and Hamilton scored with ease and looked like veterans.  I keep wanting to go back and delete Cross's name from the list, but I have to be honest and say he's clearly in the top 5.  He scored on an alert wrist shot from the point during the game.

    Subban.  Certainly athletic and moves really well in the crease, he's really solid.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone move post to post like that.   I was disappointed in that I didn't see any saves that I would categorize as spectacular.  They were fooling around after practice and a bunch of guys were shooting on him - fun to see by the way, practice was clearly over and they were out there just having fun.  Everybody was trying out their trick moves on Subban, someone threw a glove down and shot and I think it was Spooner who threw both gloves down and shot - one of them directed at Subban's face.  Spooner and Subban seem to be getting along really well.  Anyways, with all the trick shots going on - and Subban goofing on them - with the occasional spasm of jumping jacks to distract them - there were some nice goals scored, but I didn't see Subban make any really great saves.  The Gothberg kid seems to be progressing as a goalie, didn't see Volden much, but from what I did see, if it didn't hit him, it was in the net.  Didn't notice the Svedberg kid.

    The game only lasted less than an hour.  They saluted the crowd, nice touch I thought.

    It was kind of a boring camp, but that's kind of a good thing.  None of the invites made an impression, but they tried hard.  The Colin Campbell kid had about 3 or 4 golden opportunities and blew it every time.

    Seth Griffin looked good and showed he had hands, the Cody Payne kid didn't impress me at all.  Hargrove looked decent.

    In general, the kids they had in the system like Sexton, O'Gara and Ferlin didn't look as good as the new crop.
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    Re: Development camp report from Monday 7/2

    Note - look at all the good history lost.
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    Re: Development camp report from Monday 7/2

    Thanks for the Bruins News....Hopefully we will see some of these kids in the NHL sometime soon....
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    Re: Development camp report from Monday 7/2

    Hopefully they will retrieve all the replies to this post that have gone missing.