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Disgusted : Make Moves

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    Re: Disgusted : Make Moves

    I agree with you. It's hard to believe that Neeley can sit and watch this mess  and not do anything about it. Most of the posts here talk about no heart so what's it going to take? A change in scenery for some of these guys. You mention Doan in your post, now there's a guy who'll take a team on his back. Other terams have no fear of the Bruins. Gionta parking right in the crease for the tying goal - all 5-8 of him. Tell me something gotta give here.
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    Re: Disgusted : Make Moves

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    That was an awful collapse last night and it only supported the thoughts I have had about this team all season.  There is no sense of purpose...the players don't show it because the Coach can't instill it.  I don't want to say they have tuned him out because I believe they are playing the way he wants them to.  It just happens to be sloppy unskilled hockey.   The only way this team wins is by outstanding goalie performances and/or great individual effort (Bergy last night). This is not a formula for success on a team with this talent, although I believe our talent level is regressing as the seasons gone on.  Marc Savard where are you? I know some of you will argue that this team still sits first in the division, but the truth is the difference between first in the division and out of the playoffs is just a few points. The Solution: Its time for Claude and the coaching staff to go.  I believe the players have learned from him but he is not going to get anything more out of them.  I have no idea who solid replacement would be I am just certain the Claude is no longer the right man for the job. Make the trade:  For some reason these lines have never looked as good on the ice as they did on paper, maybe the players fault, maybe the fans over hyped expectations.  The fact is they just don't fit will.  I would say trade Savard and quick but I don't believe there are any buyers out their which makes me regretfully say its time to put Krejci on the block ( one of my favorite B's) He is easily one of our most valuable chips and I think a package of Krejci and Stuart could pull a positive return.  I would like to see Doan on line with Bergy....talent and heart. a nd with out sounding like a complete fool...doesn't it seem that Lucic has to hit some body every once and a while to play well....I would love to see a correlation between his fights and points in following games.
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    Yeah there are certainly some fundamental issues here with this team. I agree a change should be made. AS for the coach I simply can`t see JJ paying 3 guys at once but CJ continues to play this boring style, trap hockey & does not appear willing to adjust this style so you never know.

    The only thing I disagee with you on is trading Krejci. He has been terrible the last 5 or 6 games but I would not contemplate trading him at least until this team brings in a coach with a more uptempo style.

    Also he is more valuable in a trade because he is more valuable to the team. The guy to move is Savard. It doesn`t have to be a great return. Deal him for a pick & open up capspace to use other assets (picks & prospects) to get the PMD you need & someone who can quarterback a PP.

    I am not willing to trade 1 of our 2 best fwds just because Savard is unmovable. That is terrible cap management. You can`t move one of the guys who has produced to keep underachievers. Krejci has a great contract as well. Makes no sense to move him