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    Re: Disgusting!

    Disgusted as I am...I loath the Habs...I thought Chara played pretty well tonight. Better than the last month probably. He was Pi$$ed after the game when pushed by Pacioretty after he scored and showed his frustration.

    And I agree that Ryder's trip and Wheeler's hook were bone-headed masterpieces and Julien cannot be faulted for their brain f@rts.

    I shake my head remembering the ways that Montreal have beaten us in the regular season and Playoffs over the years.  We need to appease the gods by sacrificing something before we can purge the demons. (I thought  the 4-0 sweep a couple of years ago did that already)
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    Re: Disgusting!

    Brought back really bad memories of Mats Naslund and Bobby Smith beating Doug Keans late to win it after a bad late penalty to M. Thelven