In response to SoxFanInIL's comment:

Personally, I'd be thrilled if the critical players employed by the Boston Bruins like Chara, Bergeron and Rask stayed home during this exhibition game period and rested while avoiding unnecessary injury in games not related to working for the Bruins.

If the answer to the OP is "yes", then I wouldn't worry too much about Bergeron. There are no Matt Cooke types playing in the Olympics, and even if they were, Bergeron won't be playing more than 10 minutes per game, taking defensive zone draws and working penalty kills (he's going to be Gregory Campbell...gotta love the Olympics when Patrice Bergeron MIGHT fill that role).

Rask? It'll be a toss-up between him or Rinne, even though Rinne hasn't exactly been sharp this year.

No shot on Chara. He'll be playing no less than 25 minutes per game, although might not make it all that deep in the tournament.