That's the only thing I can think of.

If he sits out next season, it COMPLETELY screws over the Bruins.

-His cap hit, I believe would still count because he signed his current deal after age 35.

-They lose out on his world-class skill for a year.

-Sitting out kills his trade value, possibly to the point where you couldn't even give him away.

-This would give Tuukka a huge leverage boost (props to KDP for this point).

Any way you think about it, if Timmy sits out next year, it utterly screws the Bruins.

But could it be that he wanted it that way?

I understand the point about spending time with his family, and I sincerely hope everyone in his family is healthy, but I don't think that is a big enough reason to sit out a whole season in which you are contracted to play for a team.

We've all heard about the rumors: that he stripped the Black & Gold off of his pads; that he walked on the spoked B in the middle of the locker room at the end of last year (which is a HUGE no-no).

To me, it seems like sticking it to the Bruins might have been at least part of his decision to sit out next year, but why?

I don't understand it.

Obviously, if there is a serious family issue, it completely changes everything.  But if not, I really don't get this.