Doug Houda and Ward should hand the reigns of asst. coach to Jarvis. A simple fact when Jarvis was asst. coach in Mtl., from 2005 to 2009 their PP was 21.3%. There was a time the Canadiens had the best PP with Jarvis as the PP specialist.

Doug Jarvis has good history as a asst. bench coach 1 stanley cup, division titles, presidents cups and most important dedication to being a asst. coach for long terms. Example of this 14 seasons with Dallas eventually a Stanley Cup.

Most of us would say it's the team, it's the team. No we need a new improve system and a new face on the bench besides Houda and Ward.

(1) The strategy the bruins can try is one d on the pt. and 4 forwards down low. With forwards Lucic and Caron ( why not try him during training camp) net presence, Bergeron and Kelly smarts around the outside net area. With speed/puck handlers like Seguin Marchand and Krejci on the outside perimeter.
1st PP Lucic, Bergy, Seguin, Peverly and Chara
2nd PP Caron, Kelly, Marchand, Krejci and Sieds ( when Horton is NHL ready he can slide into Caron spot)
My reasoning for Caron is his size for net presence and give the kid a chance to prove himself..
(2) We need to face the music this is our team so far and we have to deal with until the Bruins mngt. sees a clearer pictures with LTIR Horton and Savard. Our cap space is max out with the Rask signing.