Scanning through old drafts and seen something laughable.

1.OV  2.Malkin  3.Barker 4.Ladd  5.Wheeler
6. NYR  Montoya 11Gms played and is with NYI
19. Korpikoski 202Gms 25G 31A 56Pts and is with Phoenix
36. 2nd rounder Olver  in DEL league
48. Byers 6Gm 1G and now in CBJ farm team
51. Graham in CHL no NHL time
60. Dubinsky 297Gm 66G 102A 168Pts
then Boston first pick
63. Krejci 276Gm 54G 143A 197Pts

Nyr loaded up on drafts then totally squandered them, 6 picks they had and missed out on Krej, granted Dubinskey is a good player, but it totally shows you that what looks good in july never may make it to the show.

Every year these stories could be documented and for all teams there are a lot more misses than hits at 64. Karsums was our next pick at 108. Rome and at 134.Versteeg

We have been luckier in our later picks of late such as Berg Luc and March.
Since 2000 we have picked 11 first rounders, we have Seg in the lineup, Kess was the only other immediate NHLer in these 11 years and his first year numbers were 11G 18A 29Pts.

To expect drafts to make it to the NHL period, is wishful thinking, but to have immediate impact, unless high first rounders and they are rare, is almost impossible.

So in perspective the Leaf pick if it is falling in the draft, it will not hurt my feeling to use it for a quality player, even a rental, if it could be an advancement without taking away from the core group unless it is an over the top player. Who, I don't know, but there are possibilities.