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    Well... yeah, I suppose, but unfortunately IIHF rules don't appreciate that as much. She's a rugged player, but she has to keep her temper in check. However, tonight she told me that she'll gladly take the suspension if it means the next time she's in the lineup opposing players will think twice before they run one of her team's stars. She's more of a Campbell or Thornton than she is a Lucic. She's mainly a defensive forward and, for the women's game, a bit of a goon ;) And she doesn't have alot of offensive upside. Her points come from crowding the paint. Which is fine - it's not her job to score. As long as she crowds the lanes and keeps the puck out of the net, she's happy. She actually uses the longest legal stick for that reason alone. I bug her that Reg Dunlop would have loved her.
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    Not to condone what he did but do you remember when Neely clubbed Ladoceur across the head and got a 5 game suspension?Upon returning he scored in 5 straight games.It seemed he got even more room on the ice after people thought he was not only tough but could snap at any minute.So now that she's set a precedent that she won't allow herself and her teammates to be pushed around,there's a good chance it won't happen anymore.
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    Hope you're right - we'll see on Saturday, her first game back. I'm grateful there's a Chimos fan who does live blogs of the games. Let's me know what's going on now that I'm away again and can't see the games. I long for the day when the women's game actually gets live streaming.

    I have told her she should sign with the Blades next year (she's on a one year) - an excuse to move to Boston, and maybe help to coin the phrase "the Big Bad Blades" ;) What I love about her game is supposedly the same as what her coach does - I like hockey teams that put a little fear in their opponents and are hard to play against. Defensive forward isn't a pretty job but, like any real hockey fan knows, it's a vital one.
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    So she played her 19th game today and she recorded her 53rd block, tied for the league  record, which was set over 31 games. One more (which I can guarantee happens next game) and she sets a WWHL record. Not bad for a call-up ;-)

    Of course her calves are the colour of saskatoon berries, but that's a small price to pay. ;-)

    She's now being called Mad Cow on her team. Suposedly it's a weird derivative of a bad nickname for Rachel Maddow (also Mad Cow), but started with a reference to John Madden. It's odd how nicknames start, but for an Alberta based player, Mad Cow  is not that bad.