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    Re: Elation

    feel GR8 on another cloudy day  in RI.

    Watched the game and had to take a break inthe 3rd period

    walked back in and the Bruins had scored

    WOW!  Watched the last minutes of hockey history with my son{12} and his MOm yelling," shut up  I am in bed


    I'm a believer!
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    Re: Elation

    For me, it's realizing what you have when you have it. My mantra as a fan had been during the 1980s and 1990s of, the B's have to win the Cup and the owner better start pouring some money into the team product OR ELSE!! That hit an all-time low the day Bourque was traded to Colorado.

    But it's funny, I get DirectTV and I didn't have the NHL Package until four years ago. Or when Julien took over as coach. To watch this team develop and get better, then better, then even better, it's just a great journey. I never got to follow the team as closesly as I have (in terms of actually seeing the games regularly). All I could say last night was what were a lot of my friends/family doing 21 years ago? I mean it's sick to think about it if you are middle age or even young 30s. That's a long time, and I really savored that win last night. It was an unforgettable 7th game to watch.

    It feels like 04...It really does. The B's had their Yankee experience too by coming back from the dead down 2-0 in games to Habs, and then slaughtering the team that had embarrassed them a year earlier-the Flyers. I have this weird feeling that the way the Sox dismantled the Cards in 04 WS, may happen here for the B's. Thomas is playing superb (5-on-5, I don't consider the power play goals he gives up hurting his overall game like a lot of fans want to believe). The team has to be just very confident right now. The pressure in a lot of ways are off now. They are in the Finals, and it's going to be Vancouver who feels the pressure of not ever winning a Cup. I like that situation coming in. Pressure on Canucks, intangibles, good feelings for the B's coming in.
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    Re: Elation

    I think 39 years is enough time to bring back a hockey parade.

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    Re: Elation

    Congrats Boston fans! This Rangers fans has been pulling for you guys since my team was eliminated. I really like this Bruins team, they have a lot of character, they are fun to watch, and they have a goalie who is WAY more art than science and that makes him a blast to watch. Take it from me, beating the Canucks to win a cup is a lot of enjoy it! Bruins in 7!
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    Re: Elation

    I live near Vancouver and can tell you there are alot of Bruin fans here. With the Beasts from the East on the door step the CANUKLEHEADS are about to see a real team in action. Go get em Bruins.