End of Season Prospect Report

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    End of Season Prospect Report

    Here's the link

    http://bruins.nhl.com/v2/ext/media/2014/prospect_report/052914_Prospect_Report_FINAL.pdf" rel="nofollow">http://bruins.nhl.com/v2/ext/media/2014/prospect_report/052914_Prospect_Report_FINAL.pdf

    One guy that I'm interested in seeing up is Cunningham.  Seems to always fly under the radar due to flashier types of prospects but this guy seems solid -- in a chuck Kobesew kind of way.  You know -- smallish, but gritty and manages to score some goals.  I liked him when he got called up briefly and think he may be the kind of guy who could play bottom six but still bring some offense.  20 goals/year in Providence since he got there.  Plus, he's been in the AHL for 3 years so time to give him a shot

    Griffith is another interesting one who seems to be exceeding all expectations, although probably not ready for the show yet

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    Re: End of Season Prospect Report

    "For those wondering, @AHLBruins head coach Bruce Cassidy and assistant Kevin Dean each have 2 years left on their contracts."

    "In Game 6, one of Pens reportedly told Koko, 'I will kill you tomorrow night.' Koko's straight-faced reply: 'There's no game tomorrow night"


    KoKo had an excellent year. Was hoping for a little more from Camara offensively but it was only his first full (58 games) AHL season. So hopefully he gets some more TOI.

    Bring back Warsofsky, Trotman and Fraser...PC!


    Playoffs: Reilly Smith > Tyler Seguin

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    Re: End of Season Prospect Report

    the links, unfuckedup - thank you BDC!