Enough with the pink

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    Enough with the pink

    So I subscribe to all the Bruins news updates, letters, etc. So they also send me marketing stuff - sales, new merchandise announcements etc.

    Lately every damn e-mail I get from them is about some new pink jersey, hat, purse, socks, whatever.


    I'm fine just wearing black and gold like every other Bruins fan. Trust me when I say your attempt to make your stuff more "girl friendly" is actually just ticking your female fans off!
    They pulled this same crap on Angela James and Team Canada back in 1990 and they went nuts! We like hockey - do you think the type of women who like hockey are the same women who carry Chihuahua's in their tote bags and get all orgasmic over a shoe sale? STOP IT!!!
    Stop with the patronizing and stop sending me info on your most recent set of pink Bruins china ware! To paraphrase Miracle... "I'AM A HOCKEY FAN!!!"

    End rant.
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    Re: Enough with the pink

    They would be fools to ignore the category.  Stuff like that sells like mad.
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    Re: Enough with the pink

    In Response to Re: Enough with the pink:
    Thanks for bringing this up.  I would hate for the Bruins to go the way of the Red Sox with all their pink Victoria's Secret Sox crap too.  I wish someone in the organization would ban the making of any future Bruins pink hats, jerseys, etc.
    Posted by gardenbees

    hey hey hey !!!  Stop that !!!  I like that on the she's
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    Re: Enough with the pink

    Unfortunately, this stuff sells.  Fortunately, this merchandise isn't designed or produced by the Boston Bruins.  It's created by the manufacturers that have deals with the NHL.  The shirts and hats are most likely Reebok.  I think they still have the main merchandising deal.

    In the end, they offer what sells.  Supply and Demand.  Red75, you're better off complaining to the people ultimately responsible.  The population that IS buying this horrid stuff - your fellow women!!

    All you can do is keep it real - and keep wearing the Black and Gold!!
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    Re: Enough with the pink

    red, for what it's worth?  They market pink to women and stupid to men.  Stupid can be fun.