Erikkson's status?

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    Re: Erikkson's status?

    In response to gord11's comment:

    Eriksson/Bergeron and a rotation of Marchand and/or Caron in practice...

    Might we see Marchand scratched tonight?



    I dont see why not. He's been pretty bad so far.  I wouldnt mind it.

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    Re: Erikkson's status?

    In response to SanDogBrewin's comment:

    In response to NeelyOrrBourque's comment:[QUOTE] What happened to comments about Eriksson's status ? All these jibes aren't worth reading. Bleacher indicates Eriksson may play tonight after working on contact drills. Probably why Spooner went down, but I also hope Claude opens his eyes to other concerns like getting the most out of Marchand who was one of the better players in the last game; and sitting Thorny so that a younger, faster, more skilled player can help the 4th line improve. [/QUOTE]

    Hey Bog? Just as you point out things about certain players on the B's like how bad Chara is,or CJ is as coach. Some of us point out things on certain posters, like those that complain more often than not & try to say they don't do it much. [/QUOTE]

    Bogie pointing out that there are some things he'd like too see changed in the Bruins lineup doesn't mean he thinks Julien is lousy. I don't consider it complaining but just wanting to see some changes.

    And Chara has been bad in some games, that is observation not whining. Just like when posters criticized Thomas you went haywire. But that didn't mean posters thought TT was terrible every night.

    Spooner should be in the Bs lineup and Thornton should be out, that is obvious hockey knowledge.


    My whole point San wasn't to say anything against bogie. He post his observations & opinions like everyone else. BUT the difference is that he doesn't do it before the game, during the game & after the game. He also isn't ALWAYS so negative. So I see the difference in bogie's post. But, he made a comment on one of my post, so I responded to how he gets to say his piece. I have a right to say mine. BFINJ is a consistent & constant whiner & he tried to say he isn't. I KNOW different & if we brought up all the B's game day threads it'll show I'm right.