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    Re: Eriksson

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    Other than scoring in a 1-0 win, next best thing is getting an assist - which he did.

    He didn't hesitate to step hard into a guy along the boards on his first shift. 

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    Re: Eriksson

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    Also, looking at the Orpik hit, I'm wondering when the concussion occurred - it might have been when his head made contact with the ice and not as a result of the contact with Orpik.

    You don't have to be hit in the head to get the next concussion. Look at Bergeron's concussion when Seidenberg hit him. The next ones don't take much.

    And that should be the big worry here... How many do you take before the thought of retiring becomes an issue... As far as I know these are only the first two in his many is enough?  At some point life after hockey and living a normal life, if that is possible, should be top priority...I personally don't see the rush in getting him back so soon, given the short amount of time between are playing Russian Roulette.....

    and that's true of every player in the NHL with the exception of chara who is just too darn tall to get a concussion.