after that loss and trade the bruins made on tuesday everyones been all stressed out. 
1.) idk if people know but toronto is only 6 pts out of a playoff spot, not that bad of a team, and your going to lose gmaes to teams you should beat. called an upset, has happened plenty of times during the regular season. 
2.) and stop hyping up the kaberle deal, as much as i would like it to happen it may not even happen. just wait and see what happens instead of getting all excited and then when chia might not make that move and then everyone bashes him. i think he knows what he needs and what he has to look at.
3.) the only thing i hate on here is how people make up their own rumors (nash? iginla?) and also get your head outa the sky, brad richards is not gunna come here, he could sign here but he isnt going to get traded to boston i dont think personally, would love to have him but i jus think its too much for the bruins to give up to get him.

so everyone calm down, even if they b's lose tonight there is no reason to panic. with the 6 game road trip coming up its going to prove were this team stands. if they come back under .500 then you can start thinking about to panic, but thats it. if you are a toronto fan then you are in a panic situation but not bruins. 

so jus take a deep breath and enjoy the game tonight