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    This team has had their backs againat the wall several times.

    Down 0-2 to Montreal.
    Game 7 vs Montreal
    Game 7 vs Tampa
    Down 0-2 to the Canucks.

    They have responded EVERY time they have been down and things looked bleak. Tonight they will do it again.

    Have Faith.


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    Re: Faith

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    Re: Faith

    we do have faith in this team. The only fly in the ointment is Claude's decision making. Just read an article by Fluto on matchups, with Claude stating that the last matchup is what caused problems for them in Vancouver. What a weak statement, plus Campbell stated that the coaches draw up a game plan which the players must follow. Now you see why the tentativeness in Vancouver. Claude is more focused on changing lines and defense than on offensive opportunities. Many of us wondered, but now we know. If another coach confuses Claude's staff, there is a good chance the Bruins lose. Do you think this relates to the PP???  This is a good Bruins team, and I am hopeful that their skills will overcome Claude's ineptitude once again.
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    Re: Faith

    This teams' been there and done that....pretty ol' hat. The B's will be firing on all cylinders tonight and carry that over to game 7. Plan on a game 7 Wednesday nite...guananteed!!!

    Get fired up BOSTON!!!!!!!