Favorite Bruins memorabilia

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    Favorite Bruins memorabilia

    What's your favorite that you have in your possession? I have a shrine that I started about 6 yrs ago. I'd like to paste a couple of pics, but it won't allow me to copy & paste no matter how small I make the picture. Anyone know how to do this?



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    Re: Favorite Bruins memorabilia

    I've got tonnes, but my favourites are a little goofy I guess - my program from the 2011 cup finals and a framed picture of me and my brother in our Bruins jerseys. It was taken at the buzzer of game 7 - it's the two of us hugging in celebration in his front yard, where we had been watching the game after dragging the TV outside. Not maybe the coolest memorabilia I own but they're the most sentimental.