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    In Apirl it was the coaching staff who told the B's we are in the playoffs and don't get hurt, and that is how they played, leaving we the fans to think the Bruins just didn't have it this season. We all wondered what happened to this team and why were they were not playing up to par. We thought some players were out of shape due to the lockout or the team had just tuned out the coach. Some felt injuries to Horts, Bergie and others just didn't alough the Bruins to jell and newb's Jagr and Redden would not fit.

    Then comes the playoffs and the lackluster Looch comes to life and Redden scores, the PP looks good and Jagr played very well. The Bruins are physical and look like their old selves and flick the switch the Bruins are back. If the Leafs continue to anger this team they could win this series and do some damage. I am very happy to see the Bruins playing the way they should and hope they continue to improve. The series is far from over but the Bruins really are showing signs of life and their could be a new level for this team if all are together.

    If they stay healthy and play strong they will make us proud, so GO BRUINS, BOSTON STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    As you said, this series is far from over, so I will just enjoy each game and not say much.