i can't buy the "wear lighter equipment" solution to the problem of concussions. lighter elbow-shoulder pads will not slow players down. as long as players become bigger (mass) and faster (acceleration)- this cannot be remedied with equipment. as each increases it affects the force exponentially.  you can't make players smaller and you can't slow them down. no rule change could effectively do this to a point it had an effect...players don't need that much ice to get flying, 30-40 ft. and they are at a speed to do damage. removing the helmets is the only way(which can never happen) to SLOW THE GAME DOWN. since it can't be slowed... the only way to combat the problem is to accept that concussions ARE GOING TO HAPPEN. unavoidable. the way to curb the dirty hits that cause these injuries is to start with stiffer penalties 1st offense- and the team cannot replace the player that's been suspended. this way the organization won't sign guys that will HURT THEIR TEAM.