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Fourth Consecutive Final

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    Fourth Consecutive Final

    This Final (2013) should have been our 4th consecutive Final appearance.

    2010 -  We missed because Seidenberg & Sturm injured the entire playoff and then Krejci goes down in round 2.

    2011 - We go all the way. Everyone healthy until Final with Horton, but we win anyway.

    2012 - We miss again because Horton injured and missed playoff.

    2013 - We go all the way again, even with injuries.


    This is your team, folks. There is no other team like it. The only other team that could have been like this were the Blackhawks, but they screwed up with Cap problems.

    This team is a testament to Peter Chiarelli, Claude Julien and the players themselves.

    What a team!

    Let's all enjoy this 2013 Stanley Cup Final.




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    Re: Fourth Consecutive Final

    I love the Bruins TEAM first thinking. CJ roles his 4 lines, plays almost everyone and has a Great system. Not surprised that they could have won the past 3 yrs. Bounces and heathy players are also a tangable, but running as a team, covering each others backs and Great goaltending.

    That will win Championships

    2 U's ... 2 K's ... 2 Cups

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    Re: Fourth Consecutive Final

    in 2012, the bruins had a long road ahead of them. I 100% think that if krejci is healthy in 2010, they make the finals.

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    Re: Fourth Consecutive Final

    In 2012, Krejci got hurt when that pane of glass fell on his head. Also, Bergeron was in obvious discomfort for most of the series.

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    Re: Fourth Consecutive Final

    Like has been said many,many times, a hot goalie, timely scoring,depth,lucky bounces and most importantly HEALTH are the keys to any successful Stanley Cup run. Go B'sss!!!!!