Future jersey banner raisings

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    Future jersey banner raisings

    Who on the current team eventually gets his number raised?


    Bergeron more than likely

    Lucic if he stays for his career



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    Re: Future jersey banner raisings

    When Julien wins two cups he should have a banner.

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    Re: Future jersey banner raisings

    Right now, Chara and Bergeron have to be the most likely. Depending on their future success and how long they stay here, I'd say Lucic,Rask and Krejci. Too early on Rask but if he keeps this up for an extended period,I'd say why not.

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    Re: Future jersey banner raisings

    "...if he stays for his career" is a line you could use for a few guys, especially if you add the proviso that they continue to have the kind of success they've had so far.  Krejci?  Marchand?  Could Rask be the first Bruin goalie to have his # retired?  I mean, the way he's playing and looking at his career to date, he could play a dozen years as the Bruins' #1 goalie (two down, ten to go) and will probably be signed to be just that for the next 5 at least.  If he retires a Bruin with at least one Cup and Conn Smythe (he'll get it when they win this year) and stats like he currently sports?  He'd be sixth all time in GAA, behind a bunch of guys who played before WWII, and tops in save % all-time (a newer stat).  That'll get him into the rafters. 

    Hamilton and Seguin have the talent, so they too fall into "if they stay in Boston" plus "if they develop the way we hope".

    That's a lot of guys who could end up in the rafters.  The previous two-Cup teams each have three guys in the rafters - Shore, Schmidt and Clapper (Shore won two in '29 and '39, Clapper all three of that era); Orr, Espo and Bucyk.  Short of a long run of Cups (2 more with key guys?), I don't know who bumps Chara, Bergeron, Lucic or Rask (if...).



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