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Game 1 Crowd

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    Re: Game 1 Crowd

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    Watching the game from home the crowd didn't seem too subdued to me.  We know what the Garden fans can sound like when the Bruins give them something to scream about.  If you're talking quiet you should try down at the ACC some time.  Don't be fooled by the decibel levels displayed during the Leaf series.  It tends to not be like that.  The hype surrounding the return of the Leafs to the playoffs coupled with their in-series success juiced their fans - understandably so.  The atmosphere at the Air Canada Center has been described in The Toronto Star as funereal. 

    Its those damn corporate suites, RHO.

    The only thing they care about is if the buffet table in their luxury box is fully stocked.

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    Re: Game 1 Crowd

    I think the first 2 periods were played by two teams feeling each other out and playing not to make mistakes. Simply wasn't that much to get loud about.

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    Re: Game 1 Crowd

    This just cracks me right up.  He can't bust on the team, so he has to bust on the people watching the game. 

    Tell me this, BassfishingII, what do you think was the cause of the subdued crowd?  Who could have done what differently to make them as loud as you wanted them to be?  And lastly, why would a crowd of people not cheering loudly enough at a hockey game embarrass you?

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    Re: Game 1 Crowd

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    In response to nrguy's comment:


    Really? embarrassed why? That the crowd was lulled to sleep by the action/inaction of the first period. When teams are still feeling each other out and both play a defensive system, you'll get that from the crowd.

    Embarrassed is a stretch. I expected the crowd to be subdued. We're you embarrassed when they went nuts on the OT winner?


    Why is everyone so sensitive here and trying to change reality all the time?  What's the big sensitivity?


    Dude, they were immediately quiet from the puck drop. The conservative play was a factor, but I am talking oiut of the gate. No cheering, no chants, nothing. Also, there were some empty seats at the start.

    Not sure what that is all about.  Maybe their corporate seats and someone forgot to unload them to someone who would use them.  I am just saying, you can bank on the MSG crowd in Game 3 being a lot louder than that.

    If this happens at Gillette, I make the same comments.   There are just too many pink helmets going to these games nowadays, I guess.

    If that was the old building, it would have been rocking from the outset.


    changing reality? like saying it was clear as day that the puck hit carter on the way out?