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Game 4 Thread

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    Re: Game 4 Thread

    The bad news is that our top 5 scorers from the regular season have 1 assist between them in 4 games.

    The good news is that despite this the series is tied 2-2 and we have home ice advantage.

    The Bruins still aren't making life tough enough for Holtby.  He has been very good but they need to be getting more traffic infront of him and around him. Guys need to be going hard to the net and pucks need to be going to the net.  I know the puck was bouncing a lot but near the end of the game tonight there were a few times the Bruins were trying to make a play rather than directing the puck on goal.  They are not playing the Montreal defense or goaltending of the 70's.  Getting to the net and scoring goals on this Washington team is about effort, will power and battling for position.  They are working hard but they need to take it to another level if they want to win this series. 
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    Re: Game 4 Thread

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    In Response to Re: Game 4 Thread : I'm more concerned about the Bruins not burying early chances. If the Caps are willing to continue just trying to weather the storm for the 1st half of the game, I'll be pleased. The Bruins should've put this game out of reach in the 1st but again, the sense urgency just wasn't there. I don't know what it is but they're all playing like they're waiting for someone else to do something. Just like last year, another best of 3 to make it to the 2nd round.
    Posted by dezaruchi

    The bruins just dont have an answer for this 1-4 nuetral zone clog.

    Its really awful, Perrault had a chance at a 3-1 in the third and DUMPED THE PUCK circled back so that they had 5 guys in the nuetral zone. Washington isn't forchecking or anything.

    Just clog the zone 1-4 or even just playing 5 men back. Then they put Semin/Ovechkin out there and have them cherry pick for a shift to catch you off guard.

    Its so boring to watch the B's really need to come up with something to penetrate and break through this. Maybe a line of like Marchand-Seguin-Peverley and try to speed through it. IDK but its tough/boring to watch and you can tell its REALLY frustrating the top6 forwards.

    Im not even willing to give WSH any credit outside of Holtby IMO this style is despicable.