gameday superstitions

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    Re: gameday superstitions

    I am just glad none of the Bruins pull their jersey out through the front of their pants! That would be a site...ha ha
    My oldest son and I have worn the same unwashed B's Jerseys since game 3 of the Montreal series....I am an old superstitious hockey player...
    BTW High school was fun. I went to about seven proms (not b/c I was in HS for 7 years LOL). Why pick on these folks NAS? It is just self-expression...not a big deal.
    Have fun everyone! Go B's

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    In Response to Re: gameday superstitions : Don't be upset with me because your actions are childish.  Obviously whatever you do on Earth has no bearing on the outcome of the game. It goes along with copying any tradition that people who are playing the game engage in over the season, copying player lingo (chirp!), copying player nicknames (Segzy!) or anything else similar. Be a fan.  Buy a shirt.  Buy a ticket.  Buy a coffee mug.  Watch the game.  Pretending to be one of them is high school stuff.  Bergeron tucks in part of his jersey, do you tuck in part of your shirt, too?
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    Re: gameday superstitions

    I promised myself, I would not partake in "rituals" this year.  I gained alot of weight last year eating a Snickers before every game.  Then this past weekend my buddy got married, I was the Best Man and he gave me a Chara Jersey.  First jersey I've ever owned, now I wear it every game and will do so until the threads let go.
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    Re: gameday superstitions

    Another victory for the superstitious rituals...