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Sorry for the late, late, late response to this thread...for some reason I can't post a comment with my laptop at home, but can from my work desktop...

I followed along last night on the GDT and tried to make a few observations but couldn't so I'll just mention that I think Soderberg may not be the sweet handed, creative forward that everyone was wishing to arrive over the last 3-4 years...his lacklustre attempt on his blueline-in breakway left me, um...wanting to see a little more. It was like night and day watching his breakaway and Lucic's breakaway OT goal when it came to composure and knowing what they're going to do when they get there. I thought Carl looked a little lost for creative ideas.

Anyway, that's it.

I disagree completely on your take on Carl. I think he made a simple, but an effective move on Bob, but the goalie got a great piece of the puck. Ask any goalie & a guy giving a high backhand is one of the hardest saves to make. You need to lower your body to get across. Soderberg may not have gotten the puck under the bar high, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that move he made. I love Carl's game. I never expected a savior. I expected a decent 3rd line player who doesn't mind getting his nose dirty. Takes the hit to make a play, buys into the system & puts up some points. A+ in my books. So far he's far better than Ryder & Peverly at least he's consistent. 

I like Soderberg as well, but I think he may have been a bit incorrectly hyped. In his best seasons in Sweden, Carl scored like 18 and 20 goals and had 30something assists, so I wouldn't exactly consider him a sniper. He seems to be a creative playmaker that's big enough to score some goals around the net. I think he's been doing good carrying the puck and in possession battles along the boards. His performance in the face off circle has been pretty weak considering he was a top line center over there. Still a lot of upside to Soderberg, seeing a bit more of it every game.