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Goalies - 2012 and beyond

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    Re: Goalies - 2012 and beyond

    Thomas will be traded at the end of the year because of a couple reasons.First is because of his age and Tuukka being over a decade younger plus Tuukka is due for a big time raise. Secondly the core of this team is mid 20s Bergeron Luicic Krejci Marchand Seguin Horton. Im a big Thomas supporter i love the Bs don't want to see him go but given the cap and his age this is what must happen for success well past this season Pete C is thinking long term for the Bruins. As long as he is running the show we are going to be a contender every year. 
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    Re: Goalies - 2012 and beyond

    Very interesting thread. I personally think TT is gone after the season is over, likely for picks. Rask is due for a big raise, other players have seen sizeable pay increases (Peverely, Krecji, Boychuk, and McQuaid) and more cash is needed get players to fill next year's roster and keep them under the cap.

    It will be a very interesting offseason for sure either way.
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