good to see healthy bruins

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    good to see healthy bruins

    With 2 wks. left in reg. season Peverly skating with no rust, Rolston finding the net and a line, Zanon taking Corvo's spot and Thomas will need to rest but stay consistent/healthy for the play-offs, i expect to see Turco play a few more gms now. Not sure on who will be back up for Thomas come post season this is my main concern, cause Turco will be ineligible after reg. season.

    Our playoff depth is good news:
    Looch Krejci Seguin ( can add more speed to this line)
    Marchand Bergy Peverly
    Poulit Kelly Rolston (he's no rechhi but has the utility playing skills for any line)
    Paille Camp Thornton

    Horton still mending?
    Caron no playoff experience will be healthy scratch but looking good for next season
    Corvo/Mottau can't complain for number 7 d men
    Rask injury update maybe one of the posters have more info. then I do

    Hats off to PC and CJ for keeping themselves compose during this dilemma now CJ has a team to work and practice with for post season.
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    Re: good to see healthy bruins

    Now they only need to secure their division title by next week end (and also spot no. 2 in conference), and rest few guys during the last week of the calendar (i.e. Thomas, Chara, Bergy)

    Then get into playoffs sharped and rested !!

    BTW, they won 4 of their last 5 games (incl. Philly, Buf and LA !!)